About MohraHR

MOHRA Human Resources Services Company is a one-stop-shop for all HR services.

required for today’s smalland medium size businesses; including recruitment,onboarding, training as well as staff payroll and performance management and reporting.

In UAE market, we specialize in providing small and mediumsize companies in different sectors with the best matching candidates.

Meet the Co. Founder

Mission & Vision


“Our goal is to lead theinnovation in human resources and recruitment services across the globe and we look forward to continuing to deliver quality service to our clients and candidates, strengthening our position as a market leader.”


“We are always in the keen-look-out for our client’s specific needs, and always take a step ahead to expect the new market trends and get ready with today’s solutions at a very affordable cost, without compromising top quality, which defines at “Mohra HR Services”.

Confidentiality and Integrity

We provide exceptional professional services with full commitment to our client’s data and information confidentiality, whilst adhering to the highest standards of professional ethics and corporate behavior.

Our Committment

"Whether you're a start-up or a well-established business, our team of HR experts has the skills and experience to help you achieve your goals in this challenging and dynamic market."